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28 Jun 2016 02:46 pm

Small Site Changes

So when I cleaned up the site a while back I thought "Great, done with that, moving on." but now I feel like it's becoming an addiction, trying to optimize WOE's site. For better or worse, here are some changes I've made;

  • The social media links have been added to the main menu of the site, rather than just the front page.
  • The front page has been streamlined to show the latest page, with the regular news posts below it.
  • The Downloads section has been changed to the [ Extras ] section. Although it is still only downloads for now, I figured it'd be better to rename it in case I ever have non-DL stuff to add there in the future.
  • The Lore section has been removed and the pages have been added to a downloadable .rar file in the new [ Extras ] section.
  • If anyone has any thoughts or complaints on the changes to the site, please feel free to PM me on Smackjeeves!

(To close I should remark that I'm aware of how big and bulky the top of the site is getting to be. Hope it's not too much of a bother, I'll try working on sizing things down a bit more in time.)

24 Jun 2016 05:37 pm

The Site News is Back! (State of The Crisis)

Okay so, a few things. First off; Now that Twitter is my primary means of sharing updates and the like, I've realized that it's character limit will make it hard to share more lengthy news.

Because of that, I'm going to start using SJ's built-in News system again, whenever I need to say more than something that can fit in a Tweet. It might still be rare, though. I don't often have anything major to mention, but I figure this is better than hiding news away in author comments or making filler pages now that I'm trying to keep my archive clean.

Now the main reason I wanted to make a new news post; I don't know how many of you keep track, but WOE's anniversary is celebrated nearly every year on June 25th, and after the first few years I began a new tradition of updating the distant-prequel chapter "Crisis of The Ancients" once a year on WOE's anniversary.

Now you might also remember that last year it was promised to conclude this year. I still hope to do that, but it won't be happening on the 25th. I refuse to put a pause on the climax of the Rosen chapter to finish the Crisis.

So the gameplan right now is to save the Crisis finale for after Rosen is complete. That may happen this year, or it may not. It's hard to say at this point, but I'm going to do my best to get to it.

When both Rosen and The Crisis are finished, I'm also hoping to start work on Timeland pages, a series that will tell a much more bizarre story than WOE, and will be uploaded to The Ethereaverse.

Welcome to the IFS might also see some revisions, as the initial pages have sat around for so long that I've questioned whether they're worth keeping or if it'd be better to simply start over. That one is low-priority, though.

Anyways thanks to anyone who gives this a read, hopefully everyone's too invested in current story events to mind waiting for the finale to The Crisis.

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