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I'm Seven Rain, the author of WOE: Wings Over Ethereal! I've been working on WOE for a long time, and it's become very dear to my heart, but things haven't always been smooth for the comic, so this section will serve to give curious new readers some insight into the history of WOE!

I take huge inspiration from stuff like Dragon Ball, Kingdom Hearts, and the manhwa King of Hell, (with WOE in particular inspired by hefty doses of the Escaflowne movie and Threads of Fate,) among tons of other games, animation, and comics! Pretty much every work of art and media I've enjoyed in life plays a part in forming my writing and art.

My comics and I are simply amalgamations of all the fantasy and fiction I've enjoyed throughout the years and my childhood, and as such I've always striven to create things that others can enjoy the way I enjoyed my favorite stuff growing up!

WOE started in 2008 as an experiment in drawing comics using Flash and a computer Mouse. Although these were originally used because I was young and too broke for a tablet, I grew so comfortable with them that I still use them to this day, along with various programs for different parts of the comic-making process!

The title "Wings Over Ethereal" doesn't have any real meaning, it was just something 17-year-old me thought sounded cool. (Recently I added the acronym to the title, making it "WOE: Wings Over Ethereal" simply to make it even more silly and fake-cool.)

The old pages, (especially the Passion chapter,) kinda drag on way too long due to my poor pacing when I was younger, (and small pages + oversized text,) and had lots of poor writing choices because I more or less just improvised everything as I went along. I didn't have a whole lot of foresight as a teenager. I just wanted to write a cute fantasy story about a young boy and a princess that turned into something much bigger, grander, and more serious than initially intended.

I've grown with my comic and now not only have a better grasp of story-telling, but have turned WOE into the starting point of a huge expanded fictional universe, and hope new readers will be able to make it through the first couple chapters and really start enjoying the story WOE has to tell!

Sometime in 2013(-ish?) I finished and uploaded a revamped/remade version of Memories (the prologue), Chapter 1: Wings, and the first half of Chapter 2: Passion.

Most panels were redrawn or touched up, (in fact almost the entirety of the Prologue and Chapter 1 were redrawn completely,) and some dialogue was fixed up and altered. (The original version was really bad, and the story was a mess.)

The OLD old pages can be found in a rar file in the Downloads section of World of WOE, along with other old stuff.

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