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Passion 106

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Reply       Seven Rain, October 19th, 2013, 1:06 pm

So a while back I finally decided to sit down and watch Neon Genesis Evangelion. Something I was overdue for but had always avoided for varying and changing reasons, but largely because of my low threshold for downer stories.

Anyway I finally sucked it up and started watching, and recently reached an episode I found very interesting due to a scene in it being similar to what I was trying to do here. I've always been a sucker for trippy dream sequences after all. I blame KH and the Escaflowne film, but Eva nailed the style I've gone for with all the silly existential jibber-jabber. (Although the similarities end at the mood and style. There's quite a different significance here, especially in terms of who's speaking.)

So much so I found the music in that scene so fitting that I used it for this one, and admittedly the scene even helped me fine-tune some of mine. And here I never expected to take any inspiration from Eva.
I think ingesting more psychological fiction in general could really help me improve on some things.

But rambling aside this was a real pain to actually pull off under SJ's 500 KB file size limit. It was originally going to be a single, several-thousand pixel tall page, believe it or not. This is why I remarked on the last update that this page was going to be "different." I wanted the entire dream sequence to be one long page.
A LOT of tweaking was done, but in the end I couldn't keep the one-massive-page idea without sacrificing size and/or quality.

So instead I caved in and decided to go with regular pages. I'm still saddened that I couldn't pull off my original idea, but hey; Three page update, and still different compared to the typical page. Hope you enjoy the cryptic trippiness, especially if anyone actually listens to the music for these pages! ;D


Reply       SpiralPen, November 3rd, 2013, 4:24 am

I thought it flowed just fine v u v

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