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Passion 176

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Reply       Seven Rain, February 18th, 2014, 12:32 am

Some Changes to note: Okay so a few things have been fixed up lately...

- Dirsta and Monica's surnames are officially being changed to "Zenzhia." I decided to do this because "Hogosha" is a Japanese word, unfitting of a being from another planet entirely. Dirsta and Monica are still meant to be of an Eastern-Earth-style background, but having a Japanese name with no connection to Earth was just starting to feel too silly to me.
Now I know the same argument could be made for names like "Carmine" and the like, sure, but I've already got a funky "deities messing with mortal languages" thing going on behind the scenes, which is silly enough without crossing over more languages between planets. I'm an English-speaking man who writes stories in English, so the language that comes naturally to me is gonna get a bit of special treatment by being spoken by deities of the EthereaVerse, I'd just rather tone down the weeaboo-ness a bit and give the siblings a more unique last name that, (hopefully,) still gives off a befitting vibe for their backgrounds.

- Passions 37 and 109 have been updated with Dirsta and Monica's new names, and Passion 73 had some dialogue altered due to Ixis having an identical exchange with Reina just a handful of pages earlier.

Passion 175's dialogue was also altered a tad, just Ixis' last line of the page, though.


Reply       Aldraia (Guest), January 17th, 2018, 3:51 am

Small name error... Ah, is that why King Gerald says 'Hogosha' there... when changing the names, you missed one of the pages with the name Hogosha on it. Page 245, Passion 77.

Reply       Seven Rain, January 17th, 2018, 9:15 am

@Aldraia: Thanks for pointing that out, I'm always worried I'll miss little things like that when I have to change the name of something. I'll have to fix that ASAP.

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