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Passion 176

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Reply       Seven Rain, February 18th, 2014, 12:32 am

Some Changes to note: Okay so a few things have been fixed up lately...

- Dirsta and Monica's surnames are officially being changed to "Zenzhia." I decided to do this because "Hogosha" is a Japanese word, unfitting of a being from another planet entirely. Dirsta and Monica are still meant to be of an Eastern-Earth-style background, but having a Japanese name with no connection to Earth was just starting to feel too silly to me.
Now I know the same argument could be made for names like "Carmine" and the like, sure, but I've already got a funky "deities messing with mortal languages" thing going on behind the scenes, which is silly enough without crossing over more languages between planets. I'm an English-speaking man who writes stories in English, so the language that comes naturally to me is gonna get a bit of special treatment by being spoken by deities of the EthereaVerse, I'd just rather tone down the weeaboo-ness a bit and give the siblings a more unique last name that, (hopefully,) still gives off a befitting vibe for their backgrounds.

- Passions 37 and 109 have been updated with Dirsta and Monica's new names, and Passion 73 had some dialogue altered due to Ixis having an identical exchange with Reina just a handful of pages earlier.

Passion 175's dialogue was also altered a tad, just Ixis' last line of the page, though.

(Guests can comment too!)

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