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Crisis of The Ancients 63

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Reply       Seven Rain, August 26th, 2015, 2:01 am

(Sorry about the cold absence!) That's it for this year! Next update will see the return of Ixis and the main story.
If all goes as planned The Crisis will be CONCLUDED next year, and I'm sure the end will hold quite a few bombshells for those who have actually gotten invested in this distant prequel!

Once it's concluded, I will stop celebrating WOE's anniversaries and stick to working on WOE's main story at all times, no taking a 1-2 month break every June to do side stuff.
That said I also want to work on juggling WOE with other comics. If I don't find the time for multiple comics, WOE will take priority, but if I can manage it I'd really like to update WOE and Welcome to the IFS! together like I had for a while before the latter went on hiatus again.
I need to learn to better manage my time and learn to juggle comics if I'm going to get any decent chunks of the EthereaVerse completed in my lifetime, and it'll hopefully lead up to The Blackjack Chronicles finally starting after the first half of WOE's story is completed.

Enough rambling, thanks for reading, folks! See you next update, and The Crisis will see y'all again next year!

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