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Reply       Seven Rain, May 14th, 2016, 6:21 pm

Yeah, this page is kinda plain and shouldn't have taken 2 days to sit down and hammer out, but I'm working on lotsa WOE stuff behind the scenes.

For starters; the Misc section of WOE has been removed, and has been put into a .rar in the downloads section: http://wings-over-ethereal.thewebcomic.com/downloads/
I felt kinda bad doing this since people had left comments on those pages, but I saved all the comments and chit-chat for personal viewing, because I love you guys.

The Lore pages were also given their own section: http://wings-over-ethereal.thewebcomic.com/lore/
I might try to fix that up and replace the pages with something better in the future, but for the time being I just wanted to get them out of the archive.

And with stuff that the few readers of my FB posts already know about, I'm also working on a little side-project that'll HOPEFULLY help new readers get into the better portions of WOE.

For a long time now I've been unsatisfied with my writing and pacing in the early chapters of the comic, even after going back and sprucing up the artwork and dialogue a while back, so I'm whipping up what I'm calling the "Intro and Chapter 1+2 Abridged Primer", which will condense the key plot points of A Story For Eternity, Wings, and Passion into a much shorter, (though exposition-heavy,) series of pages, so that readers can opt to skip the hundreds of pages that make up pre-Rosen WOE, and get into the good stuff as quickly as possible.

Other than that it's just a matter of working on some extra stuff here and there, like a new "starter" page, a title/cover page for The Crisis, and fixing up the front page of the site.

Aaanyway, tl;dr = Working on LOTS of comic and site-related stuff, but I'm not going to let it slow down the real updates in any significant way.

OH, and I'm thinking about setting up a Patreon. It was only a matter of time, but I'm considering doing one sooner than later because let's face it; starting one early doesn't hurt anything.

Just gotta roll around ideas for how to incentivise my readers to actually hop on board with it.

(Guests can comment too!)

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