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Reply       Seven Rain, August 3rd, 2018, 4:51 pm

Hope I drew a convincing snapping-fingers hand.


Reply       TheJGamer, August 3rd, 2018, 6:39 pm

Resorting to gool old eavesdropping now, huh Sirius? That dude made me suspicious from the beginning, heh.

Reply       HM2000, August 3rd, 2018, 8:13 pm

@Seven Rain: Yes you did!

Reply       Captain Ghost, August 4th, 2018, 12:32 am

Snappy hand looks good to me!

Ixis looks so drained, poor thing :c

Reply       Seven Rain, August 4th, 2018, 2:38 am

@TheJGamer: Who could expect anything less from the Legions?

Reply       Seven Rain, August 4th, 2018, 2:39 am

@HM2000: @Captain Ghost: Glad it turned out well! (And yeah, little Ixis has it rough right now.)

Reply       JoKeR, August 4th, 2018, 6:23 am

If I predict the story right, Dalson will be in for a butt-load of surprises.

Reply       Seven Rain, August 4th, 2018, 8:49 am

@JoKeR: Ah, but so will the Adamantians!

Reply       Redjive, August 4th, 2018, 7:25 pm

Misty seems happy to help out Ixis.
Remember ladies and gents, shirts are still available. There will be a 1-week extension on the sale time, so the new deadline is August 20th.
Edit: Also, never trust a man with fingernails that long.

Reply       Seven Rain, August 4th, 2018, 7:58 pm

@Redjive: Is it gonna be the same URL? The Teespring page still says the 13th so for the sake of clarity I'll keep the message at the top of this site unless the Teespring page changes its date as well.

Reply       Redjive, August 5th, 2018, 7:06 am

@Seven Rain: Yeah, I just have to repost the page, and I'll give it the same URL.

Reply       mist (Guest), August 8th, 2018, 5:34 pm

what happend to rock. and good job

Reply       Seven Rain, August 8th, 2018, 8:59 pm

@mist: Believe it or not that wasn't the last we'll see of Rock! I'm surprised anyone remembers him, haha.

Reply       Redjive, August 9th, 2018, 7:02 pm

Is Rock one of Sirius' guards? One of the ones who was keeping an eye on Reina? Also my shirt came in yesterday and it looks pretty neato! (hint hint nudge nudge buy the shirt and give Seven some money. Only three have sold, and I'm pretty sure one of them is him.)

Reply       Seven Rain, August 10th, 2018, 12:21 am

@Redjive: Jokes on you I'm too broke to buy one of my own shirts! (I do know who one of the three are, though.)

Rock Grandt was the knight that attacked Ixis when he went to the castle waaay back in Wings, and was shown mercy during Passion.

Reply       Redjive, August 10th, 2018, 8:29 pm

That's kinda funny (thanks Joker and whoever the third person is)

Reply       Redjive, August 10th, 2018, 8:56 pm

On a completely unrelated note, I'm going to play Airsoft (Essentially play manly dress up with military gear and then shoot each other with BB guns) and to prepare I bought an album of Undertale Jazz covers. Better believe I'll be blaring that out when we play attack-defense and I'm a defender.

Reply       Redjive, August 13th, 2018, 2:21 pm

BTW Seven, reposted the shirt with URL teespring.com/woe-tshirt. Available 'til the 20th.

Reply       Seven Rain, August 13th, 2018, 2:31 pm

@Redjive: Right on, got it updated.

Reply       Redjive, August 13th, 2018, 9:29 pm

Not that this is relevant, but I just listened to the Billy Joel song 'Leningrad' sums up the Cold War pretty well. I really like it, actually. Surprised I haven't heard it on the radio before.

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