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(Note: These old pages and content are obviously going to have their fair share of outdated writing/art/details/etc. Consider anything marked as "Old" to be non-canon!)

Old Chapters

Download the old WOE pages!

As much as I'd prefer to keep this stuff buried I know there are those out there whom enjoy seeing an artist/author's older work and comparing it to the new, so have at it.

These are the oldest copies of all the given pages I have. Any that seem more updated than the others are simply there because the older file has been replaced or lost or what have you, so this is all as old as it gets.

As for Passion, although it was remade to an extent I did not include it, since the changes weren't as major as Wings and the prologue.

Old Misc Pages

Download the old Misc pages!

These are the various old and new pages that made up the "Misc" section of WOE's archive. Filler art, fanart, page-based news posts, etc.

I did some cleaning of the archive but wanted to keep records of this section, so I saved the pages and comments/replies onto my computer and decided to add the pages themselves to another archive for you masochists who want to give your eyes a few warscars looking at some of my ridiculous old artwork!


Old Lore Pages

Download the old Lore pages!

These are the original pages detailing the lore/culture of Chrona's Ethereans.

They're not as dated as the other stuff in this section but they just kind of, didn't have anywhere to go while I was cleaning up the site. So I'm making them available to download here. More info about Ethereans in general and the Ethereans of Chrona can be found in the EthereaVerse Glossary, and in WOE Chapter 4: Verge!

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