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WOE Soundtrack

Here's where you'll find the (faux) soundtrack for Wings Over Ethereal; Lovingly thrown together to enhance the feelings, atmospheres, and scenes of the story!

On this page you should notice a music player pop up at the bottom of your screen, where you can listen to the songs of Wings Over Ethereal as you browse and read the comic!
(Click the button in the bottom right to see the full playlist.)

If you wanna ditch the music player, just refresh any page on this site other than the Music page!

(Occasionally a YouTube ad might pop up in the music-player, if that happens you can usually just switch songs and switch back to get rid of it.)

Song Lists:

(Song Lists will be added upon completion of their respective chapters. If you'd like to know the name/artist of a song not listed yet, give me a PM over on Smack Jeeves!)

(Disclaimer: I do not own, (nor take credit for the creation of,) any of the songs I use in this music player.
The songs used are hosted on and linked via YouTube! They are NOT hosted on Wings Over Ethereal or Smack Jeeves! I will gladly remove any linked songs if requested by copyright holders or whatever, but they are simply linked from YouTube.

It's all just for fun, and if you like what you hear please support the artists!)

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