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New Reader's Guide

WOE: Wings Over Ethereal has been around for quite a few years now.
The archive has grown quite daunting, (and the old chapters really show their age,) so this section is here to help new readers get introduced to WOE a bit more quickly and get right into the action! This page provides recaps of the first couple chapters of WOE, getting you caught up on the core story and important points so you can dive into Chapter 3 where the story really starts to pick up!

(Be sure to check out the "World of WOE" and "About" sections for more information on the universe and the comic itself!)

Prologue: Memories

(4 years before the main story begins.)

Bloody Sky: a time of tension and suspicion between the human kingdom of Adamantia and the floating kingdom of Ethereal after the mysterious assassinations of both kingdoms' queens. Years after the tension has faded without incident, King Adamanta and his trusted knight Zeft Rothsfield cannot shake the feeling that something ominous is looming over the world of Chrona.

Ixis Carmine is a naive Etherean boy living with the human royal family in Adamantia. Zeft confronts him about his allegiance in the case of a conflict with Ethereal, but they are interrupted by Princess Reina, the object of Zeft's affection. Reina is oblivious to his feelings, instead devoting most of her time and attention to Ixis.

Little do they know life-changing events are set in motion when Ixis mysteriously disappears from the castle...

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Chapter 1: Wings

It's New Year's Eve on Chrona.

Four years after the events of "Memories", Ixis is living in a small town with no memory of his childhood spent at the castle, though he continues to dream of Reina. His friend Brigan gives him a pass to the castle's New Year's Eve party so Ixis can attempt to meet the princess, but the boy's night takes a turn for the worse when he is stopped by an angry knight with a distrust of Ethereans. Hearing a commotion, Princess Reina rushes outside to protect Ixis from the knight. Ixis and Reina recognize each other, and memories of his childhood spent with her come rushing back as the two happily reunite.

The two youths attend the New Year's Eve party and feelings of affection for one another begin to surface. Zeft, still smitten with the princess, grows jealous and irritated by Ixis's return. Meanwhile, a group of winged Etherean warriors and a mysterious avian man named Fathom land violently in Adamantia and attack the castle. Fathom distracts Zeft while one of the Ethereans confronts Ixis and Reina.

Ixis fearfully rushes to protect Reina, but the attacker laughs. He reveals himself to be Ixal Carmine, Ixis's older brother and mercenary hired to retrieve Prince Ixis Carmine of Ethereal. After spending 12 years in Adamantia as a sign of peace following Bloody Sky, Ixis was to return to Ethereal, even if Ixal must take him back by force. Overwhelmed with emotion and his desire to be with Reina, Ixis attacks the surprised Ixal, instinctively unleashing magic abilities.

Before Ixal can subdue his brother, he is called back to Ethereal by Sirius Legion, the man who organized the unsanctioned retrieval mission. Back in Ethereal, Sirius demands that Ixal find a way to bring the prince back without causing further damage or harm. Ixal, concealing his own personal desire to fight Ixis again, tries to think of anything that could drive Ixis to Ethereal of his own accord, and remembers that Reina is the one thing he seems willing to fight for...

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Chapter 2: Passion

The sun rises on New Year's Day.

Ixis and Reina wake up together in good spirits, having shared their first kiss the night before. They head down to welcome back Dirsta Zenzhia and his sister Monica, Elite Knights returning to Adamantia. The other Elites, Lowel and Kraz, are sent out to patrol the city while the others set out to assess the damage where the Ethereans landed. Along the way Ixis overhears Adamantians taking offense at an Etherean being so close to the princess after the attack last night.

While visiting the landing site, Ixis is struck with a rock thrown by a frustrated father whose family is terrified after the Etherean attack. The King handles the situation but Ixis soon loses consciousness from the blow to the head. While unconscious, Ixis experiences a strange dream of enigmatic messages and imagery. An unknown voice speaks to an unknown entity, with another voice echoing "Rosen... Wake up, Rosen..."

That night, Zeft heads to Reina's room hoping to talk about her feelings, but instead overhears the sounds of Reina lovingly comforting Ixis. A sinister energy fills Zeft with violent thoughts, culminating in a powerful urge to kill Ixis. Before allowing this thinking to continue Zeft quickly distances himself from the princess and Ixis, distraught and horrified at the thoughts he just experienced.

In Ethereal, Ixal is visiting his lover Xellis. The two argue over Ixal's desire to fight his brother, and Xellis brings up something called "Fafnir" that seems tied to Ixal, believing that it's warping Ixal's mind. Before the argument can continue, Ixal reveals that Fafnir has been warning him of his own impending death. Ixal later eavesdrops on a private discussion between Sirius Legion and his son Dalson. Sirius reveals that he never intended for Ixis to return, instead merely using Ixal to cause tension between the kingdoms.

The next morning Ixis and Reina are awakened by an irritated Brigan sneaking into the castle to check on Ixis. The day goes by and Ixis meets Lilly, a laid-back friend of Reina's who helped console her after Ixis's mysterious disappearance. The group turn in for the night while a smirking Ixal prepares to set his plans in motion...

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Chapter 2: Story of Ara

(These events take place during "Passion" but are not pertinent to the main story and can be skipped if desired.)

Lowel Roya is overcome with boredom patrolling the city streets of Adamantia. He soon crosses paths with a mysterious woman named Ara as she flees with a stolen amulet. Lowel gives pursuit and tries to subdue Ara, but is caught off-guard by her fighting ability. When Lowel deems her a threat to civilians' safety and manifests magical blades to stop her, he's attacked by a ghostly figure named Rev, who seems to reside within Ara's shadow. Rev swaps bodies with Ara to fight in her stead, and overwhelms Lowel. Before Rev and Ara can make their escape, Kraz appears and defeats Rev with ease. Rev disappears and Ara is taken back to Castle Adamantia, where her strange motives are questioned by the knights.

Ara reveals that Rev used to be a normal human and the two of them had once hunted for treasures in old temples and ruins. After taking a pair of cursed earrings, the two were fused together, Rev becoming an apparition tied to Ara. As long as the earrings remain on Ara, her life is steadily sapped away, but if the earrings are removed for too long, Rev will become severed from her and die. They've been seeking an amulet said to break curses, but King Adamanta appears and promises a means to remove their curse if they remain at the Castle while the problems with Ethereal are sorted out.

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