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April 11th, 2018, 11:32 pm

Prologue Name Change

(Funnily enough the last news post I made was regarding a chapter change, so I guess this feels significant enough to warrant another one.)

It feels kinda weird, (and a bit tearful even,) doing this to WOE's oldest chapter, (almost ten years old now!) but for a few years now I've been toying with the idea of renaming the prologue of WOE for a few reasons, primarily to make it fit in better with the later chapters' singular titles, but also because "A Story For Eternity" was just so nonsensical.
As much as I love nonsensical cool stuff, it feels like something that could be put to better use in a later comic or something. I guess you could say I've "freed up" the title in case I wanna use it for a future project.

I'm getting a severe case of deja vu with this, maybe I've discussed it before and forgot, but I wanted to bite the bullet and get it done with now, so from this day forward WOE's prologue is officially "Memories"!
(Admittedly it kinda removes a bit more of the ambiguity as to whether Ixis was dreaming or remembering, but let's be real; Everyone who's read WOE probably knew full well that they were real memories long before Ixis knows, haha.)

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