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May 20th, 2010, 7:14 am

You can at least look forward to June 25th...

Alright, haven't quite gotten back to working on real pages yet, but at least I'm not a depressed wreck anymore, and I managed to finish up the second anniversary page. (That's right, I'm gonna do one of these every year.)

So even if I don't get any pages done anytime soon, you can all at least look forward to some artwork on June 25th.


This isn't really in need of it's own news post, so I just thought I'd mention now that I'm going to be tweaking a couple things that kind of bothered me in the character Bios.

Mostly the "Likes" and "Dislikes" thing... Some of the things I put under those seem a bit too silly. XD

Honestly, most of it is still the same as it was when I started WOE, so one of these days I might go through and redo the bios a bit. Make 'em look a bit... Cleaner? I dunno...
Then again, I plan on making new bios after the time-skip that'll happen later in the series, so I'll probably just leave the current ones the way they are, save for a few tweaks every now and then.

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