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June 28th, 2016, 2:46 pm

Small Site Changes

So when I cleaned up the site a while back I thought "Great, done with that, moving on." but now I feel like it's becoming an addiction, trying to optimize WOE's site. For better or worse, here are some changes I've made;

  • The social media links have been added to the main menu of the site, rather than just the front page.
  • The front page has been streamlined to show the latest page, with the regular news posts below it.
  • The Downloads section has been changed to the [ Extras ] section. Although it is still only downloads for now, I figured it'd be better to rename it in case I ever have non-DL stuff to add there in the future.
  • The Lore section has been removed and the pages have been added to a downloadable .rar file in the new [ Extras ] section.
  • If anyone has any thoughts or complaints on the changes to the site, please feel free to PM me on Smackjeeves!

(To close I should remark that I'm aware of how big and bulky the top of the site is getting to be. Hope it's not too much of a bother, I'll try working on sizing things down a bit more in time.)

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